Screen Printing Shop in West Seattle!

Screen Printing

Custom screen printing on t-shirts, apparel, caps, bags, textiles, and hard flat materials such as cardboard and wood.

Heat Transfer

Vinyl heat transfers for team numbers, team names, apparel, and hat or cap graphics

Remesh Tired Screens

Revitalize tired screens, save money, and keep your frames out of the landfill.

Screen Printing Equipment

Start up or upgrade, customized equipment packages to meet your needs and budget.

Screen Printing Drawings

Photo of a Griffin pencil drawing.

Screen printing drawings or illustrations you create is absolutely possible. Believe it or not, we’ve received images in a wide variety of nontraditional formats. Last year, one of our customers brought her idea on a cocktail napkin! Recently, we have had two projects come our way where the clients have provided their images as photos of drawn…

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